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Ray Karam

Founder & Director

Ray Karam spent 13 years in the NSW Police Service, known by his colleagues as a respected, hardworking, popular and dedicated Police officer. Yet, when it came time to leave the police system the lack of support, sense of dejection and isolation was acute. Any sense of community and camaraderie present in the force was suddenly gone and the PTSD that had been present for years became all consuming. There was a saying then that still exists now,"You are only a number". Having heard this and heard others stories Ray found he did not fully understand what this meant until witnessing it first hand. It seemed like the Police system didn't understand or know how to truly support the very Police within it that made it so.

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Stepping out into the public again Ray saw that many people outside of the system also weren't able to support or understand Ex-Police or Police in general.


Founding and starting "We Are People" Ray saw this as an opportunity for us all to understand each other more –understanding the Police system, the Police men and women and most of all understanding that all Police are people first. 


Community talks.


Awareness raising.

The issues effecting people working in the Police, Emergency Services and Industries with high rates of PTSD are unique and yet take a common form – behind any issue is the person experiencing it.


We are people provides community connections that support us to look beyond the stigma and reconnect people back to their sense of empowerment and resolve. Through informal talks and discussion We Are People brings people together to share their experiences and support each other from the floor. This people based model builds connection and relationship which can be a foundational support as people make the choice to address the issues that may be effecting them from long or short-term exposure to a traumatic or high intensity environment.

"Through talking to police from the UK and other state Police in Australia it becomes clear that the problems and concerns Police face have a common theme, making this project a global project and not just about one state or place. The aim is very clearly to support us to understand and appreciate Police, giving the public insight into Policing and how the system works, supporting Police and families to understand the pressures that are pushing on them and ultimately to support Police to know themselves first as People – beyond any system or role that attempts to define them.

- Ray Karam

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